A broad overview of the homepage is, at the top of the page are search options and at the bottom are buttons to help with working of the app. Centred on the page are the markers for listings where you can see at a glance the distance or location of what it is you are looking for. All of these will be explained further so that you can fully enjoy the convenience of what Townaide has to offer.

The Townaide homepage opens with a map of your location which will populate with listing markers of all categories found closest to you. Your location is indicated by a blue dot.

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Clicking on any of the markers will show a popup screen where if you need more information you can click the “MORE” button.

Alternatively you can see a list of all markers shown on the screen by clicking the listings and categories button.

The listings and categories screen allows you to conveniently compare listings based on the list order set.

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The map has two modes which can be utilized namely, explore and search. The explore mode is used when you would like to see what is at a location and is the mode that the homepage opens with on your current location. If you touch the map and move it in any direction you will see an explore button appear.

Click this button to find out what all is available at the new location. This can be done for any location and will show a maximum of 25 markers using the screen centre as the location point. If you zoom in on the map by double tapping it you can be more specific about the location point it will use to get markers that will be more relevant.

This functionality is great when you are visiting a new area and want to see what and where things are.

The second mode is search, this is for when you are looking for something more specific. For this Townaide has a powerful search bar and categories to make this exercise quick and easy.

To understand Townaide search is to know that all results are relative to the centre of the screen wherever the map is positioned. When markers are shown, the map will centre and zoom in or out so that all markers can be seen. For local searches, the app will on startup automatically find your location and perform an explore mode search, if however you wish to search somewhere far from your location you can use the search locator.

By typing the @ symbol before any town or city (as per above) and then clicking search, the map will move to that location. Sometimes there are more than one locations with the same name so your location typed into the search box may have to include the country or province eg. “@Cape Town, South Africa”. The search locator saves a lot of time and takes you directly to your location of interest.

Once you have the right search location you can continue using the search mode by entering your search term in the search box and clicking the search button.

You can also click on the listings and categories button to search using the categories, the categories are at the bottom of the list and you will have to scroll down to see them.

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After clicking on a category the search box will appear with the category selected and the map will show all markers available.

Moving the map to a new location after a keyword or category search will show the “SEARCH HERE” button to redo the search in the new location.

With the search mode you can also set the radius of the search. In a high density area it is better to reduce the search radius and in a less dense area to increase it.

At the bottom of the homepage are a set of buttons.

The “Home” button will re-locate the map to your location and perform an explore mode search. The “Feed” button (not currently active) will provide news about listing you have favorited. The orange button with the Townaide logo is the add a listing button. The “Favorites” button is a quick access to your favorite listings and the “Me” button is where all your information is kept and managed.