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Claim Listings

Claiming a listing on Townaide using the Townaide app is extremely simple.

IMPORTANT: Please setup your Townaide profile before claiming a listing.

If you are a business owner or manager of a listing already listed with Townaide then you can apply to “CLAIM” the listing. This is done by clicking on the marker to see the popup below where there is a claim button.

Once clicked you will be shown a claim listing screen where you can change the listings detail.

When all the details are as you require just click the “CLAIM LISTING” button.

All listings claimed are verified by a local administrator. Should they be approved you will receive a notification to advise you thereof and the changes will take place. Should you wish to further edit the listing it will be found under “My Listings” in the Me section using the Townaide app, if however they are declined you will also receive a notification thereof and be requested to submit further documentation to verify your claim.