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Add Listings

Adding a listing on Townaide using the Townaide app is extremely simple.

IMPORTANT: Please setup your Townaide profile before adding any listings.

All listings added are verified by a local administrator for quality and accuracy. Should they be accepted you will receive a notification to advise you thereof and they will appear immediately in the Townaide app, if however they are declined you will also receive a notification thereof where you can then amend and re-submit for further verification.

If you haven’t already you will need to download the app from either the Playstore (Android) or Appstore (iOS). Once installed you will be required to register and login to the app where you will see the home screen below.

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At the bottom centre is a bright orange button with the Townaide logo, this is the “Add a Listing” buttton and should be clicked to see the add a listing screen.

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The add a listing screen is shown below and each section will be discussed seperately to achieve maximum effect and exposure.

The first and most important consideration when adding a listing is the type of listing you choose as this automatically adjusts the screen to cater for the listing type.

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Listings types are:

  • Free – This is the most basic type of listing and would be used by listers adding listings on behalf of others.
  • Premium – A featured listing has even more detail than a regular listing and is presented above a regular listing for more exposure.

When done with this you can focus on adding the detail to the listing. Lets start at the top of the form with the camera which you activate by clicking the same image shown below.

Clicking on either the camera or pictures will open the respective functionality allowing to either take a picture or select from your gallery. Clicking Gallery will take you to your smartphones photo repository where you will select the image you want, and clicking Camera will initiate your devices camera where you can take a picture and see the result with a RETRY or OK option.

When selected, your image will appear alongside the above camera image and you can swipe across to see it. You can add any number of images to your listing so long as they are relevant. To remove an image just tap it and you will be shown a message to confirm the deletion.

A very important part of any listing are the images you choose to use, please see our favourite “How to take a photo” guide to make your listing attractive. The first image you upload will be used as the featured image so if you prefer to have your logo shown where your listing appears, make sure that it is the first image you upload.

Due to the fact there are a lot of mobile devices out there with differing camera capabilities it may be better to use your own devices camera to shoot, crop and style the picture and then upload the finished picture from your gallery into the Townaide app.

The next items to be completed are the required Name and Description, these seem self-explanatory but often appear incorrect.

A short name is better than a longer as often a longer name gets cut off to fit in the placeholder. As a rule put the most important first, so your name and then outlet or branch location / speciality. eg. MyBank – Cape Town or Michael Jones – Physiotherapist, etc.

Descriptions are just that, they must explain first what it is you do thereafter you can elaborate on how you are unique and special.

After this are the contact details where at least one is required but all preferred.

All contact details will be verified by the local administrator. Telelphone numbers must start with a + and include international and local codes where necessary. Website details must start with http and indicate whether it is a secured website or not (http:// or https://).

An important detail for most listings are the operating hours.

To show the settings click on the show link.

Clicking on any of the Opening or Closing Time links will show the clock below.

Starting with Monday hours xx:00 set the time by clicking on the appropriate number then set the minutes 00:xx by clicking on the required time. Selecting OK will show a message asking if you want all the days to have the same time as selected – the same will happen for closing time changes. If you cancel you can set the times individually for each day. For days where there is no operation do not set any time. Clicking on the Reset Operating Hours removes all settings and will not show operating hours in the listing.

Location and/or address details are next and are required to be as precise as possible.

The Townaide app is designed to access your location of your smartphone so if you are at the location of the listing it should show the correct address. If this is not the case the  “add address” link must be clicked to show the set location screen below.

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This screen allows to adjust the marker and hence change the address. To do this:

  1. If you are at the location of the listing click the orange button (1.) to accurately locate you.
  2. If still not quite where you need the marker (2.) to be you can hold your finger on the map to re-locate the marker. Sometimes it is easier to zoom in on the area by double tapping on the map and then moving the marker away from the point your require and then again back to the point you wish to have the marker.
  3. Once satisfied that this has been achieved you must save (3.) the address to return to the add a listing screen with the correct location.

To help find a location it is sometimes easier to use physical landmarks by seeing the satellite image. This can be accessed by using the toggle map action.

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To show the same map but using a satellite image as shown below where you can do the same as per the first map type.

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Categories and Keywords are required for all listings as they determine what type of marker is shown on the map and provides slection criteria when the user performs a search.

Regular and Featured listings have more categories and keywords available and can be used to improve their visibility. When adding keywords, use single words without spaces or special characters ([email protected]#$%^&*()_+=-<>?,./:”;'{}|[]\`) and stick to layman’s terms to increase selection probability.

Clicking “add category” will show the screen below.

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And clicking on the “add keyword” will show this screen.

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When complete the detail should look similar to this screen shown below.

To remove either a category or keyword just click on it and accept the confirmation.

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Regular and Featured listings offer social-media detail as well.

This should be completed as per the social-media type being used.

When complete the listing data can be submitted to Townaide for payment and verification by clicking “ADD LISTING” or stored as a draft locally on the device for uploading later by clicking “SAVE DRAFT”.

After Add Listing you will be presented with a screen to select the duration of your listing.

You will be able to select any number of days starting the following day and the price will be adjusted accordingly.

Clicking on the PAY button will show you a secure payment screen where you can choose the payment type and complete the required payment details.

After successfully making a payment your listing will be up for review by a local administrator and shortly thereafter should be live on Townaide.

When saved or uploaded you will see the listing in the “Me->My Listings” section under either APPROVED or DRAFTS. If in DRAFTS you can click on it to add more detail then submit it for verification.

DRAFTS is very useful when you have no mobile connection or wish to use cheaper Wi-FI to upload listing detail and images.

Warning: Uninstalling the Townaide app will remove all draft listings as well.