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We believe that everyone deserves to have access to quality information that’s accurate and helpful so that they can make better decisions.

With Townaide, we want you to Discover businesses and places around you, Explore new businesses and places in an area and Connect with these businesses and places in an easy way.

We want to empower locals to publish accurate and up-to-date information about their town, growing their town into a community.

Townaide Listings.

There are two types of Townaide listings – The Premium Listing and The Basic Listing.

Townaide’s Premium Listing option gives you a lot more information on the business or place you’re looking for.

In both types of listings, you get the basic information needed to visit and contact the business or place.

We also show you the latest deals from businesses and places.

Connect with Businesses.

We want you to find local businesses easier and not have to worry if the information about the business is correct or not.

We also want you to save some cash! We share the latest and greatest deals from businesses, all you have to do is open the app…

Communities will grow together by helping each other do local business.

Explore Anywhere.

Townaide is your one-stop app for everything and everything local, whether you’re looking for the nearest hairdresser, pet shop, pole yard or looking for a great deal on coffee. We’ve got it all!

We are building a global guide of local quality information which will benefit you in your everyday life.

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